San Diegans could see more orb weaver spiders this year

SAN DIEGO — San Diego residents could see more orb weaver spiders this year than they have in years, the county said Friday.

That’s because the amount of rain the region has had this year has produced more vegetation and insects, which means spiders, including orb weavers, have more bugs to eat, according to Chris Conlan, San Diego County’s supervising vector ecologist.

Orb weavers are not a singular species but rather a family of spiders that come in a variety of sizes and colors and are classified by the distinctive webs they spin, Conlan said. These spiders spin circular webs that can stretch from tree to tree and are much larger than the small strands of webs many spiders spin in corners to catch prey.

Orb weaver spiders only bite if they feel very threatened and are generally harmless to people, Conlan said.

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