Teen tweets from smart fridge after getting phone taken away

LOUISVILLE — A Kentucky teenager’s mom took her phone away, so she did what any reasonable adolescent would do in such a tech crisis: she adapted.

In a tweet that soon garnered more than 16,000 retweets and 70,000 likes, a girl named Dorothy shared a message with her followers from the family’s refrigerator:

Yes, her refrigerator. An LG Smart Refrigerator, to be exact. It was clearly marked by Twitter:

Twitter indicates the device a tweet was sent from — in this case, a refrigerator.

According to the company, their smart fridges can be controlled with a smartphone app or with simple voice commands, which likely explains Dorothy’s reference to “talking” to her fridge.

Other LG smart fridge capabilities include playing music, shopping for groceries, checking the weather and creating shopping lists. But this isn’t a refrigerator ad, it’s a harrowing tale of a teenager’s ingenuity. So how did Dorothy end up in such dire straights to begin with?

She started a fire, according to The Guardian. Dorothy told the newspaper she was grounded two weeks prior to the fridge tweet for getting too distracted while cooking and starting a small blaze.

Fast-forward a technology-free fortnight, and when Dorothy’s mom left the house, she was ready to experiment. The resulting tweet became an object of internet fascination.

After the fridge tweet caught fire (pun intended), even LG got in on the fun:

Despite all the attention, the Kentucky teen’s status remains perilous. In a follow-up tweet Wednesday, Dorothy confirmed she was still phoneless:

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