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Large lizard on the loose in Escondido

ESCONDIDO, Calif. -- A 3-foot monitor lizard was caught Friday in Escondido, but the EcoVivarium museum said another lizard remains on the loose.

The lizards are believed to be pets that either escaped or were released, EcoVivarium said in a Facebook post on August 7. The carnivorous reptiles were said to pose a danger to pets and wildlife in the area.

The first lizard, a Nile monitor that EcoVivarium’s Susan Nowicke said had been named "Esco," was captured by Nowicke on Friday evening in a pond in northern Escondido. The lizard will spend a couple of days recuperating and will be checked by a veterinarian before settling into its new home at the museum, Nowicke said.

“We did have it confirmed today that there is a second one here,” Nowicke said in the Facebook post on Friday. “We don’t know if this is the larger or the smaller of the two, but we’ll keep working to find the other one.”

If spotted, the lizard should not be approached but its whereabouts should be reported to the museum by calling 760-975-9690.

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