Parents protest cuts to school bus service

SAN DIEGO – Parents in San Ysidro Tuesday protested a plan to shut down 20 school bus routes.

Dozens of people came out with signs denouncing the school district plan. They said that district officials have mismanaged school funds and that has caused the shortfall that is prompting them to cut back on bus service for students.

The parents demanded that the bus routes be reinstated before school begins on Monday, so their children are not forced to walk several miles to school every day. They say it is a matter of safety for the students.

"it's dangerous. There are abandoned cars, a homeless encampment, you're going through trailer homes. And it's rush-hour traffic, and right now it's the middle of summer, but they’ll be walking in the dark at night," said protester Edgar Reynosos. "San Ysidro is a poor immigrant community – hard working – and their proud to be Americans, but you know what? This is not right."

School district officials said they cut the bus routes after completing construction of a new road that they say will make it safe for the students affected to walk to school.

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