Padres ‘hand man’ becoming ball park sensation

SAN DIEGO -- Gregory Mowat has held Padres season tickets for 11 years and become a bit of a sensation at Petco Park with his handy work. He embraces the fact that he can get Friar fans on their feet by using his hands.

It's hard to miss Mowat at the ballpark. He's the guy in right field, section 131, row five wearing a bright orange Padres jersey, doing the hand jive.

"It starts with just going right hand over, over top, but then once the music gets going, I do it to the music and the faster the song, the faster my arms go," said Mowat.

His simple dance move caught attention at the 2016 All-Star game at Petco Park and has since turned into a ballpark sensation -- getting most fans, and celebrities, in on the gig.

"Its been fun," said Mowat. "There are so many people at the game who appreciate what we do just to bring humor and lightness."

And the 74-year-old has become quite popular amongst fans.

"Parents come up and say, 'can I take your picture?' and I say, 'well, how about a video, that way they can show it to their kids,'" said Mowat. "I get more response out of kids, baseball teams, soccer teams -- get them all doing it together."

But the Rancho Peñasquitos resident says this all began as a simple way to just get some exercise.

"Aztec basketball games, Aztec football games, San Diego Padres games, half season ticket holder. I realized I wasn't getting enough exercise," said Mowat. "It's a lot of sitting and so I started doing that just to help build up the shoulder muscles."

His stamina and his dance moves don't seem to be slowing down anytime soon.

"And then they come in with the circle and when they do, then I do the heart and then blow kisses out and it's just fun," said Mowat.

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