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Police chase, tase LA man suspected of assaulting mom


LOS ANGELES — Police chased a man suspected of assaulting his mother through Los Angeles early Friday afternoon, eventually tasing and arresting him.

California Highway Patrol started chasing the Ford Expedition in the South Bay region of LA after noon, according to KTLA. The SUV eventually headed north on Interstate 405 and exited onto West LA side streets just before 1 p.m., eventually reaching Santa Monica and Venice.

Eventually the driver pulled into a beach parking lot and appeared to be surrendering to officers, extending his hands in the air. The man was shirtless and appeared to be wearing tight athletic pants or wetsuit bottoms.

The man then turned his back to officers, walking away and gesturing. Police followed with guns trained on the man. Eventually, he turned back around to face the officers, shouting and gesturing. He was tased in the back, dropped to the ground and arrested. The man was led to the back of a police SUV.

The driver was suspected of assaulting his mother and violating a restraining order, according to the Placentia Police Department.

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