Bear breaks into car, ‘butt-shifts’ to neutral and drives downhill

A bear got stuck inside a car after opening one of its unlocked doors and climbing inside.

BOULDER COUNTY, Colo. — A “delinquent bear” had a bit of fun in Boulder County this Fourth of July — and it didn’t involve fireworks.

The Boulder County Sheriff’s Office said a bear pulled open an unlocked car door and climbed in. Unfortunately for the bear — and the car’s owner — the door closed behind the animal. The bear then worked on digging through all four doors, “but apparently butt-shifted the car into neutral.”

The car then rolled down the driveway, traveled about 100 feet downhill and swiped a tree before coming to a full stop.

The impact was enough to make one of the doors pop open. Once the door had opened, the bear left the scene of the crash.

The sheriff’s office said the image serves as a good reminder for people to lock their cars and remove all items that might attract a wild animal in bear country.

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