More than 30 stung by stingrays at San Diego beaches

SAN DIEGO -- More than 30 people were stung by stingrays at San Diego beaches on Sunday, according to San Diego Lifeguards.

As warm temperatures brought beach-goers to the coast over the weekend, lifeguards responded to several stingray incidents, with the number of reported strikes reaching past 30 on Sunday.

Charles Knight, a San Diego lifeguard, said the warm weather brings stingrays closer to the beach, too. But he said there are ways to avoid getting stung.

“When you get in the water, just make sure you shuffle your feet," Knight said. "That disturbs their habitat. They feel the vibrations, they don’t like it and they simply leave the area.”

Lifeguards recommend that anyone who is stung by a stingray go to a lifeguard tower to report the incident. The lifeguards on duty will provide a warm bucket of water in which to soak the injured area to alleviate the pain.

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