#CAstruggles campaign urges Californians to move to Arizona

PHOENIX, Ariz. — A group trying to drive up investment in Phoenix, Arizona has a new strategy for luring residents across the border from the Golden State.

Car ads, a website and a pithy hashtag — #CAStruggles — are all part of the campaign by the Greater Phoenix Economic Council to help California businesses either expand or relocate in the Phoenix area.

The campaign touts the economic advantages of Arizona over the Golden State, comparing the median home price in Phoenix to San Francisco, for example ($256,000 vs $954,100). The group also promises lower tax rates, shorter commutes and less stress in the Grand Canyon State.

Their social media strategy is also turning heads, with the hashtag and a steady stream of California-bashing memes:

Wrapped cars with #CAstruggles and the group’s web address can also be seen cruising through Phoenix and California cities.

The group says their primary target is high tech companies, especially what they dub as “knowledge workers.”

“A knowledge worker would be like engineering, IT, software development. Even those people are having hardship living in California because of spiraling costs, and we want to provide them an alternative from the California market,” Chris Comacho, CEO of GPEC, told FOX 10 in Phoenix.

Learn more about the campaign on their website.

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