Residents weigh in on future MTS plans

SAN DIEGO -- San Diego's Metropolitan Transit System is holding a series of community forums to find ways to better serve residents and meet its goals for air quality.

Dozens of people from around the county joined together in Carmel Valley Tuesday night to help build MTS' plans for the future.

One of the participants, Brendan Colvert, told FOX 5 he works for UC San Diego but moved to Carmel Valley to find more affordable housing. He said he would like to use public transit to get to work, but there has been a bit of a road block.

“There is a bus that comes very infrequently in this area and it’s about a two-mile bike or scooter ride to get to it. Didn’t really work,” Colvert said. 

For now, Colvert said he is getting back and forth via scooter.

MTS said it is holding a series of community forums to hear stories like his.

“We want to talk to people, see what their values are, see what kind of service that they want out of MTS. Then ultimately we’re going to gather all of this information and possibly use it for a potential ballot measure in 2020,” said Mark Olson, manager of public relations for MTS.

MTS says it serves more than 86 million people every year but wants to serve even more.

“The jobs and housing disparity is larger than it's ever been. Commute times are getting longer. We want to see what we can do to reduce traffic congestion, make more connections for people, provide more frequent service,” Olson said. 

Residents are handing MTS ideas of how to do that while also weighing in on possible options including expanding rabid bus services and adding skyways, a light rail trolley and even bay ferry services.

San Diegans are hoping their suggestions will come to life.

“If we can all agree that we have to do something other than just keep doing what we’ve been doing then I think we can get somewhere,” Colvert said. 

The next two Elevate SD 2020 forums will be held 6 p.m. Wednesday at Linda Vista Library and 5:30 p.m. Thursday at El Cajon Library.

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