40-year-old heat record broken in Ramona

RAMONA -- As temperatures rise, records fall in a handful of cities around San Diego County.

“It was really hot and came out of nowhere,” said Asja Johnson, who waited until dusk to hit the hiking trails in the area.  “We didn’t want to get sick.”

She’s like dozens of others at Iron Mountain Trail between Poway and Ramona that tried escaping the heat Monday.

“It’s stifling!” added a Ramona resident.

Temperatures reached 103 degrees, the highest on record for June 10th since temperatures were first recorded in the 1970’s.

“It’s been picking up,” said Anali Garcia Valencia who works at Cali Cream ice cream shop in Ramona. Except she’s talking about business more so than temperatures.

“I’m hoping we can get a few more people to help out because it’s been really really busy.”

She said the business has picked up since the temperatures first started to climb late last week.

Ramona isn’t the only town in Southern California to break the June 10 record. El Cajon recorded a temperature of 104, 10 degrees over the previous record from 1993.

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