Local dad’s backyard rollercoaster could be yours

SAN DIEGO -- A San Diego dad and engineer built a rollercoaster for kids -- and brave adults -- in his Normal Heights backyard, and now he's giving it away.

"I did a lot of these sorts of things with my dad growing up and I've always had a fascination with rollercoasters," Bruce Sales told FOX 5, comparing the project to a "puzzle you have to figure out."

With help from YouTube videos and plenty of trips to hardware stores, Sales built the coaster primarily for his kids, outfitted with a securely fastened car seat for safety. But a brave adult can take a ride too, removing the car seat and riding directly on a wooden platform. That's exactly what FOX 5's Tabitha Lipkin did:

The coaster has been a neighborhood hit, but the Sales family is moving and will have to bid the beloved thrill ride farewell. Rather than scrapping the materials, Sales wants to give the coaster away to another "do-it-yourself" parent who would enjoy or even build on the project with their family.

Sales needs to have a new home for the track by mid-June, and is accepting "applications" via email. Anyone interested can email him at sales.bruce@gmail.com and should share how and why they'll get the most use out of the coaster.

Bonus points for families, rollercoaster nerds, and especially for anyone who can transport the coaster and put it back together on their own.

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