CHP cracks down on speeding, street racing in East County neighborhood

SAN DIEGO -- California Highway Patrol issued nearly 300 citations in the Rancho San Diego area in recent weeks after residents voiced concerns over street racing and speeding.

"I’m sure some of the community members that live out here are just fed up with listening to the loud exhaust going up and down the streets and seeing this stuff at random times of the day," said CHP Officer Travis Garrow.

One of the main problem areas has been Wieghorst Way, a straight road that runs a little more than a half-mile. Cars can often be spotted driving well over the 50 mph speed limit.

Officers were out in full force Tuesday, conducting one of their more concentrated operations in the area. During similar efforts in the area in recent weeks, officers have also made DUI arrests and cracked down on things like missing license plates or drivers using their cell phones. The recent surge of citations in this area seems to be doing the trick.

"The community knows we are out here and our goal is to keep everyone safe. So if we are not seeing the violations that’s a good thing," Garrow said.

CHP says officers will continue to keep a close eye on Wieghorst Way while San Diego County explores more permanent options to curb speeding and racing, like speed bumps or stop signs.

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