Padres game halts for ‘bee delay’

SAN DIEGO -- The Padres' Sunday game at Petco Park was delayed for approximately 30 minutes when bees swarmed the field.

The San Diego Padres fell behind the Miami Marlins early in the game and eventually lost 9-3 -- but the third inning brought a twist no players were expecting. A swarm of bees clouded the field, covering a microphone near the dugout and causing a game delay that lasted about 30 minutes. An exterminator in a beekeeping suit was called onto the field to spray the live bees and remove the dead bees with a shop vacuum cleaner.

The team remained upbeat throughout Sunday's delay, posting humorous comments on its Twitter feed.

A similar delay affected a game at Petco Park in 2009, when a swarm of bees delayed a Padres game for nearly an hour.

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