Mouse carrying potentially deadly virus found in North County

SAN DIEGO — A mouse trapped in rural North County has tested positive for the potentially deadly hantavirus.

The deer mouse was trapped during “routine monitoring” near Fallbrook. After the positive test, county officials urged people never to sweep up or vacuum up after rodents if they find them in homes, garages, sheds or cabins, because that can stir the virus into the air and make it easier to breathe in.

Instead, people should use “wet cleaning” methods, the county says, using bleach and water solutions or disinfectants with rubber gloves and plastic bags to clean.

Hantavirus is not uncommon in San Diego, but people are unlikely to be exposed if they keep rodents out of their homes, sheds and garages, the county said. People should seal up any external holes larger than a dime.

Read more about the virus here.

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