Residents angry over street conditions in Mira Mesa neighborhood

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SAN DIEGO -- Residents on Perseus Road in Mira Mesa say they’re tired of their street being a complete mess.

The asphalt is cracked all along the road, and the numerous potholes make it mine field for local drivers.

“We have to be very careful on this street. When we pass each other, somebody stops, then passes, so we don’t hit potholes or (ridges) in the ground," said resident Theresay Berg.

The biggest obstacle on the street isn’t a pothole. In one spot, the road has buckled, creating a crumbling mound that is about a foot high.

“I found that safety cone someplace, and I put it there so people could see it and not run over it and have an accident or something," said Shirley Dolan, whose house is right by the mound.

Back in March, the city of San Diego announced it was prioritizing road repairs with more crews working longer hours to fix more potholes. Residents say they’ve filed reports on the city’s Get It Done website, but they say nothing has been done to repair the road.

“I’ve been here eight years, and this road has gotten increasingly worse every year," said resident Jeff Lind.

City officials told FOX 5 the street will need a total reconstruction.

"The city is still in process of planning, design and the process of identifying funding for a number of streets in that location including Perseus Road. There is currently no timetable of when construction will start," officials said in a written statement to FOX 5.

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