City to let people who live in vehicles to park overnight at SDCCU Stadium

SAN DIEGO -- People who live in their vehicles will soon be able to spend the night in the parking lot at SDCCU Stadium in Mission Valley.

Mayor Kevin Faulconer announced that the overflow lot near the Friars Road entrance to the stadium will become one of several locations in San Diego's Safe Parking program. So far, it is the only site in the program that will allow recreational vehicle to spend the night.

City officials expect that about 300 cars and RVs will park in the lot every night, once the lot opens for overnight parking in about 45 days. People who sleep in the lot will be required to leave every morning by 8 a.m.

Last month, Faulconer proposed a new ordinance to make vehicle habitation illegal in the city after  "hundreds of complaints" from residents regarding "cleanliness and illegal activity related to people living out of vehicles."

The ban would coincide with an expansion of the city's Safe Parking program, which provides nighttime parking for citizens who live in their vehicles. A similar ban was ruled unconstitutional, but Faulconer's plan also includes an expansion of the city's Safe Parking program, which provides locations where people can park their cars overnight and safely sleep without fear of harassment.


They will also have access to bathrooms and water, and services designed to get them into long term housing.

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