WATCH: Firefighters rescue 13 ducklings from South Bay storm drain

CHULA VISTA, Calif. -- Firefighters rescued more than a dozen ducklings from a storm drain in the South Bay Sunday.

A group of people leaving a church service near Showroom Place in Chula Vista first spotted an adult duck standing near a storm drain, Chula Vista Fire Department said. Ducklings could be heard calling from under the drain's grate, and a church security guard called 911 for help rescuing the animals.

Firefighters worked with Chula Vista Animal Control, using a net to remove 13 ducklings from the drain. Animal Control handed the ducklings off to Project Wildlife, which will care for the ducks until they are old enough to release them into the wild.

Animal control was unable to locate and trap the mother to reunite the duck with their ducklings.

Jaime Valles, an animal control officer, said duckling rescues happen two or three times each year.

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