Parents outraged over teacher dismissals in Lemon Grove

LEMON GROVE, Calif. – For the second time in as many months, tempers flared and parents yelled out as Lemon Grove School Board members braced for impact.

Parents of students in the Lemon Grove School District called for the resignation of Superintendent Dr. Kimberly Berman Tuesday after they claimed 16 teachers were forced to resign or be fired.

“You don’t care,” one parent shouted during Tuesday’s meeting.

“Shame on you,” another parent said.

The 16 teachers were still in the first two years of their jobs and technically on probationary status. The district can let teachers go without cause while on probation and that’s what they did.

“[The teachers] were told you resign by Friday or you get classified as a non re-elect,” said Mark Lane, father to two students. “A non re-elect for a teacher is the kiss of death.”

However, parents at Tuesday night’s meeting claim the teachers were great at their jobs and demanded clarity or reasoning behind the moves.

“We’ve tried and we’ve tried to work together as a team, but they refuse,” said Yadira Altimirano, mother to two students.

Berman did not speak on the matter.

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