Trump visits border in Calexico, says San Diego is ‘begging’ for wall

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EL CENTRO, Calif. -- President Donald Trump arrived in El Centro Friday to meet with border officials after backing down on his threat to shut down the southern border.

As opposed to a total border shutdown, Trump said Mexico had a "one-year-warning" to stop "massive amounts of drugs" from coming into the US and shifted his focus to potential tariffs.

The president landed in El Centro just before noon Friday. He stopped first for a roundtable meeting with El Centro Sector Border Patrol and other officials, where he said "the system is full" and reiterated his description of the country's immigration situation as a national emergency.

Trump then visited a 2.25-mile stretch of newly built border fencing in Calexico, which is replacing older border infrastructure in the area. During the tour with Customs and Border Protection and other law enforcement officials, Trump said of the border: "We're going to shut it down if we have to."

The president also made direct mention of San Diego. "They're begging me for a wall in San Diego ... because the people are pouring through in San Diego, going over the front lawns, going into people's houses," he said.

Around 4 p.m., Trump landed in Los Angeles for a fundraising event.

Ahead of Trump's visit, the hustle and bustle around the Calexico Port of Entry was apparent Thursday. Supporters and protesters -- complete with a baby Trump balloon -- gathered near the border hours before Air Force One touched down in the Golden State.

Hours before the president landed, Trump tweeted that "if for any reason Mexico stops apprehending and bringing illegals back to where they came from, the U.S. will be forced to tariff at 25% all cars made and Mexico."

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