Census office awards local coalition $1.66M to reach hard to count regions

SAN DIEGO – The California Complete Count Committee awarded a $1.66 million contract to the San Diego-based Count Me 2020 Coalition Wednesday to make sure every resident in San Diego and Imperial counties is accounted for during next year’s census.

The Count Me 2020 Coalition is made up of more than 100 local organizations aiming to include residents in hard-to-reach areas of San Diego and Imperial counties in the 2020 census count. The group began preparations in December to ensure that as many residents are counted as possible.

Various demographics are at risk of being overlooked during a census count due to factors like non-traditional living arrangements, language barriers and mistrust of the government. According to United Way of San Diego County, which leads the coalition, the two counties have as many as 783,000 residents that are considered “extremely hard to count.”

“As a trusted local nonprofit for 99 years, United Way is excited and honored to be leading the Count Me 2020 Coalition in this crucial work, as our focus is always on aligning and leveraging local resources and partners,” said Nancy Sasaki, president and CEO of United Way of San Diego County. “Further, our family stability work requires that we have an accurate census count across all populations, as this impacts programs such as SNAP, Medicaid and other funding sources for families.”

The Count Me 2020 Coalition plans to continue holding meetings and expects more local organizations to join as 2020 approaches. The coalition will hold its next meeting March 26 at the City Heights Center.

Residents can sign up for information from the coalition.

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