Watch: Cleveland Indians’ outfielder spoils prank with amazing catch

GOODYEAR, Ariz.– This prank was no match for outfielder Tyler Naquin’s amazing catching abilities.

Cleveland Indians players Mike Clevinger and Jason Kipnis thought they could fool their teammate with a prank they saw on Instagram.

“You get someone to hold a cup of water against the ceiling with a broomstick.. then leave them there.. so if/when they move, the water pours on them! Immediately we thought @tyler.naquin would be the perfect person to get!” Kipnis posted on his Instagram account.

But the mischievous pair underestimated Naquin.

As Clevinger cracked up at leaving the outfielder in their trap, Naquin, with a giant grin on his face, moved the stick and snagged the cup of water without spilling a drop.

Kipnis called it a “miracle escape.”

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