Local school board votes to move more than 100 kindergarten students by 2020

CORONADO, Calif. -- More than 100 transitional kindergarten and kindergarten students will be moved from the Early Childhood Development Center in Coronado to the Village Elementary school campus by summer of 2020, after a unanimous vote by the school board Thursday evening.

The proposal was met with a lot of opposition by parents who spoke out during public comment.

"Please don’t do this," said parent Jacqueline Hardt.

The school board says the district is operating in the red, projected to be short by more than a million dollars this school year.

The school district believes the consolidation will help make a dent in the debt, but parents were still largely against it.

Parents told FOX 5 drop off and pick up is a logistical nightmare at Village Elementary. There is not ample parking nor a drive-through area to drop off and pick up without getting ticketed, they said.

Parents asked for safety and environmental studies to be conducted before the school board voted.

During the meeting, the district's superintendent projected that Coronado Public Schools will be bankrupt by the 2024-2025 school year if nothing changes.

Despite the opposition, the school board voted unanimously to move forward in consolidating the Early Childhood Development Center with Village Elementary.

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