Tree trimming truck smashes into East County church

LA MESA, Calif. -- A tree trimming truck rolled down a steep hill without a driver and smashed into an East County church late Wednesday afternoon.

The truck hit the Taiwanese Presbyterian Church on Harbinson Avenue near Stanford Avenue in La Mesa around 1:30 p.m.

The truck took out a wall and finally came to rest with its cab fully inside the building. No one was inside the truck or the church at the time and no one was hurt, despite the destruction.

"I was worried about our pastor because usually Wednesday night is our Bible study," said church member Winnie Davis.

Davis tells FOX 5 the pastor often prepares for bible study in the same room the truck crashed into.

Up the hill a short distance away, crews had been trimming trees along the road. Witness Rob Engquist said he saw workers move wheel chocks, then quickly after the truck started rolling away.

Engquist's home cameras caught the whole incident unfold.

"The truck had to hit something at some point, but this is a busy intersection and it went through without hitting any cars or pedestrians which is a miracle in itself," said Engquist.

As of Wednesday night, the truck remained wedged into the building. The church says it will be working with the city to reinforce the structure before moving the truck, to prevent further damage.

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