Local business tows dockless scooters, bikes from private property

SAN DIEGO -- A San Diego company with a mission of removing dockless bikes and scooters off private property has collected thousands of scooters since opening their business a year ago.

Dan Borelli and John Heinkel executed a business plan for 'Scoot Scoop' after they noticed motorized scooters across San Diego. Their mission is to get dockless scooters and bikes off people's private property.

The company collects the devices once they are contacting by a property owner.

The duo started helping out three properties in San Diego and it has no expanded to 70.

“We’re getting two to three new properties each day sending us a contract,” said Borelli.

Those who have used the company seem content with their work.

“We are completely free of scooters. This is brand new. We just engaged the contract in the last couple of weeks. We haven’t seen a single scooter staged since we started using the company's services” said Jim Kilty, President of the Homeowners Association at a property in downtown San Diego.

If the scooter is located on private property, they will tow it away and bring it to their storage location.

Heinkel estimates there are about 400 scooters inside each box in the storage unit. They have about four boxes, in addition to an estimated 400 more scooters on top of each box.

The fee is $30 per device if a company wants to retrieve their bike or scooter.

It is a civil matter between the companies since the company is moving scooter off private property, said police.

“We’re not going anywhere. This is something the community of San Diego needs,” said Borelli.

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