SDG&E is changing the way you pay your electric bill

SAN DIEGO -- Starting Friday, San Diego Gas & Electric is rolling out a new billing plan aimed at saving energy and potentially saving customers money.

The new "time of use" pricing plan will lower the cost of electricity usage at non-peak energy hours -- typically before 4 p.m. and after 9 p.m. Using electricity in the evening hours that typically see the highest usage will cost more.

Officials hope this will reduce overall energy usage by encouraging people to use renewable energy sources or hold off on using major appliances during peak hours. Customers will receive a "shadow bill" that shows what they would have paid under previous plans, along with their "real" bill based on the new model.

SDG&E says they plan to gradually move about 750,000 customers to the new billing style over the next year. If customers don't opt out of the plan, they can be automatically enrolled.

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