Are you ready to try plant-based eggs?

LOS ANGELES -- When Veggie Grill invited me to try out their new “All Day Breakfast Burrito” – made with plant-based JUST Egg – it was an intriguing opportunity too good to pass up.

I’m not vegan or vegetarian, but I can appreciate the benefits of an alternative egg mixture for many reasons. I also enlisted the help of my sister (who happened to be visiting me in LA) for her take, which is an important one: she is vegetarian, is into health and is a nutritionist and personal trainer.

JUST Egg is a perishable, liquid mixture actually made from the mung bean. I’m not familiar with this type of bean but it’s apparently more popular in India and China. Using scientists and robots, JUST found a way to separate a protein in the bean that cooks up just like real eggs.

Before we tried the burrito, JUST Chef Ben Roche quickly showed us how easily the Just Egg mixture scrambles up. Then, a Veggie Grill chef combined the ingredients for the burrito. It consists of a tortilla with some melted Daiya cheese, potatoes, black beans, soy chorizo, pico de gallo and salsa all wrapped up.

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