San Diego 6th graders see snow for the first time

SAN DIEGO -- Nearly 400 sixth graders from College Preparatory Middle, McCabe Union, Oneonta Elementary, and Liberty Elementary experienced a rare snow day at Cuyamaca Outdoor School.

Every year, the San Diego County Office of Education sends an estimated 12,000 students from across San Diego County to the camp to for three days of science-based, hands-on learning.

It is not uncommon for students to see a few patches of snow, but several inches of fresh powder blanketed the campground in Descanso on Thursday.

“Oh my gosh they’re so excited to see it. So many of the students we get up here, they have never seen the snow," said Susanne Beattie, a camp leader. “I haven’t seen this much snow in maybe ten years, at least.”

“It was really cool," said Matthew Marogy, a sixth grader at College Preparatory Middle School who saw snow for the first time. "When I touched it, it was really soft, and I like throwing it at my friends.”

“My first thought was, 'Wow. It’s so white.' I’ve never seen anything like this before," another student said.

Along with their normal curriculum, students were given ponchos and sleds to play in the snow, build snowmen and have snowball fights. The three-day camp wraps up on Friday.

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