Freeze warning causes concern for plant nurseries

ESCONDIDO, Calif. -- Cold weather in San Diego County is prompting nurseries to take extra precautions to protect their plants.

Sean Peer at El Plantio nursery in Escondido told FOX 5 workers have moved their cold-sensitive plants in a green house located at the back of the nursery.  Other plants that are in high demand are left out covered with a frost sheet. Unfortunately, some plants they couldn't protect.

"You can't protect them all," Peer said. "During the frost near Christmas and New Years, we had a plant that was out and it turned brown and wilted a couple of days later."

Peer also said that during the cold weather months, most people don't go outside and garden. And that's a negative impact on his business.

For those who have plants at home, Peer encourages using a "frost sheet" to protect them.

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