How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World

This is the only time, in my over 30 years of reviewing movies, that I saw a film I can’t actually review. That’s because I don’t think it’s fair to comment on the third movie when I haven’t seen the other two in the series. That would be like someone that hasn’t seen The Godfather or Godfather 2, giving a review on the third Godfather.

I did bring a friend that loved the first two, and I’ll end my review with what he said about it.

I can tell you the animation was stunning, and the musical score was great.

I always liked the awkwardness of comedic actor Jay Baruchel (Goon, She’s Out of my League, This is the End). He plays the nerdy boy that became the respected dragon trainer amongst the muscular, dimwitted Viking warriors. Their village of Berk is a huge compound where dragons and humans live in harmony. The biggest dilemma they have to deal with is when a big dragon gets excited playing with a tiny one, and whips his tail around damaging everything in sight.

Hiccup brings in some new dragons he recently rescued from the cages of Grimmel (F. Murray Abraham, who did a voice in my favorite animated movie of last year — Isle of Dogs).

Grimmel hates dragons and and hunts Hiccup and his crew to capture all their dragons. However, when Hiccup was just a wee lad his dad told him about a hidden world where dragons can live in peace. Maybe they’ll be able to all live their in peace?

During all this, Hiccup’s dragon Toothless gets a girlfriend that looks like an albino Jeff Bezos with wings. There are a few cute moments during their courtship. I just wished the movie had more comedic moments. In an early scene, I chuckled when Hiccup played fetch with Toothless, by tossing him his artificial leg.

Everyone is saying this is the end of the series, but there are 12 books. If this movie makes a ton of money (which I’m sure it will), we’ll probably see more of Hiccup, Toothless, and the rest of the mouth breathers.

I asked my friend David Novin, who loved the first two films, what he thought and what he’d rate it.

He said, “Not an embarrassment, but not as well done as the first two. It hit all the right notes and was a fitting ending to the trilogy. The action pieces felt lacking a bit and the stakes seemed lowered for some reason. Even though they were, logically, the highest they’ve been in the entire series. 2.5 stars out of 5.”





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