Surfers Rob Machado, Taylor Steele discuss new documentary ‘Momentum Generation’

SAN DIEGO-- A new documentary features a generation of surfers who altered the wave of the sport in the 1990s.

The documentary 'Momentum Generation' tells the story of how a group of teenage surfers, including Rob Machado, brought their sport to unprecedented heights.

"A lot of us have been friends since we were 12-years-old. We found what we were missing from family together in out group," the free wave surfer said.

He described 'Momentum Generation' as a journey.

"It's a journey. It's a journey about a bunch of kids surfing, traveling around the world together, the brotherhood we for from leaving our homes and traveling together and taking care of each other," Machado said.

Legendary surf filmmaker, Taylor Steele, contributed about a year's worth of content to tell this story.

"I gave 8,000 hours for the project. I have a storage unit in Oceanside, and it's just stacked with tapes," said Steele.

'Momentum Generation' was filmed over the course more than two years. It not only documents the historic moments of surf culture in the 90s, but also takes time to focus on the changing tide of friendship.

"We all hugged each other and cried, and laughed, and I think we just had a deeper appreciation for each other," Machado said.

The documentary highlights surfing as more a metaphor about life, Machado explained.

You can watch momentum generation now on HBOGo.



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