Ramona family recovering after severe flooding damages home

RAMONA, Calif. -- A family in Ramona is picking up the pieces after their home was flooded during a rain storm Thursday.

Torrential rain caused serious flooding in several areas across San Diego, including Main Street in Ramona where the Pearsall family's home is located.

Flood waters overtook the yard and made its way into the house. At one point, family members were seen kayaking in the front lawn.

The water receded Friday and the Pearsall family gave FOX 5 a tour of the home. Some of the damage including a huge leak in the roof and belongings lifted from wet floors. The rain also caused a huge leak in the roof. A tarp was put on to cover it.

"It was surreal," said Charity Pearsall. "You would get mad, but then realize  you can't do anything to stop the water so my husband just pulled out his kayak."

The Pearsall family plans to stay at a hotel until their home is fully repaired.

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