Drivers urged not to cross flooded roads in Tijuana River Valley

SAN DIEGO – Many roads in the Tijuana River Valley were flooded Thursday morning, and with the much more rain on the way, authorities were warning drivers in the area to be very cautious.

After a few hours of a constant downpour… Smuggler’s Gulch turned into a raging river over Monument Road. Just before the rains hit, roadways were dry, but in no time, the runoff from Tijuana overwhelmed culverts and drain pipes.

“I was standing down in there. Over last four weeks this has actually filled up with sand,"  resident Leon Benham said, describing one storm culvert. "The agency that came down here, they did a real good job of cleaning this out, and it really allows sand and water to move quickly. The  pipe you see, it’s already overwhelmed.”

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Throughout the valley, creeks and streams quickly raced northward, fillling the Tijuana River Valley with contaminated water. In many areas, the city has posted signs warning of flooding and road closures.

Four-wheel-drive vehicles were about the only way to navigate Hollister Road and other flooded roads in the valley. Authorities warned drivers to take warnings about flooding seriously.

“We strongly recommend not to cross these areas. They will have barricades up so please don’t go around these barricades. It’s very dangerous.”

And with much more rain in the forecast, the flooding in the Tijuana River Valley is sure to get worse.

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