Dancer goes from unable to walk to performing at Seals lacrosse games

SAN DIEGO -- Taylor Cunningham danced through her life until five years ago, when a bad car accident left her in the hospital with doubts that she may ever walk again.

But Cunningham has bounced back and earned a spot on the Seals lacrosse dance team, the Sirens. "I didn't realize how hard dancing was until I had to re-learn every single thing," she told FOX 5.

Cunningham lives to dance. She says she started at the age of two and danced through life until 2013 when she, her mother, and two younger siblings were driving home from a dance competition and were hit by a wrong-way drunk driver. Cunningham broke her right hand, left forearm, right hip, pelvic bone, a few ribs and suffered internal brain bleeding, which put her in a coma for 17 days.

"Seventeen days later I woke up and the nurses and doctors and everyone told them I wouldn't be able to dance again. My left side didn't work," Cunningham said. "When I heard that, I made it my mission to prove them all wrong, because I can't do anything without dance. And I felt like if I lost my dance identify, I would be nothing."

Cunningham's positivity helped her make a full recovery. She joined the Sirens this past Fall and can be seen dancing away at the Seals lacrosse games. She says she's found a second family in the organization: "Being with the team ... It just brings back all the good memories. We're all sisters and I have friends for a lifetime now."

Now 23, Cunningham hopes to continue to teach and inspire others: "I want to start my own organization. "Dancers Against Drunk Driving," and it's kind of like M.A.D.D. I wanted to do the dancer version. So go around, tell people my story. Then have a dance to follow up with that."

To see Cunningham living out her dreams, you can catch her during any of the Seals lacrosse games.

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