Motorcyclist rides across country to honor son, raise money for diabetes research

SAN DIEGO -- A Texas man on a year-long motorcycle ride to honor the memory of his son and raise money for diabetes pulled into San Diego Tuesday.

He’s been riding across the country on his motorcycle for months trying to raise awareness and research funds for diabetes.

Rex Covington’s son, Christopher, died of complications of diabetes three years ago. He left Texas last June and has been riding his motorcycle across country for 7 months, covering about 20 thousand miles since he started. He hopes to raise $90,000 for diabetes awareness and research on his journey.

From one coast to another,  Covington has taken h Christopher with him,  spreading some of his ashes in every place he goes.

“My son -- he’s literally with me on the ride,” said Covington. “I’m riding across the country on my motorcycle for one whole year, raising awareness and funds for diabetes in memory of my son,”

In 2003, Christopher, was diagnosed with type-1 diabetes. In 2015, at age 37, he blacked out due to complications from the disease and died in a car crash.

“You can be the healthiest guy in the world and it can hit you,” Covington said.

Three years later, in January 2018, Covington had the dream that would set him on a course that has since seen him drive over 20 thousand miles across the country.

“I was dreaming that I was riding around telling people about diabetes, and raising money. And at the end of my ride -- It was so vivid -- I was handing one of these big fake checks to the American Diabetes Association for $90,000” he said. “I started making calls and it happened so, I found myself on the road,.

He rides his Harley from state to state and tows his modified mini-camper trailer spreading awareness about his Lone Star Ride for a Cure. Everything from gas to the trailer is donated to Covington by supporters.

Covington and his son shared a love of motorcycles, so the year-long ride was an obvious way to honor Christopher's memory.

“We went to Europe riding motorcycles. We rode in the Texas hill country. And he would probably love this ride I’m doing,” said Covington.

Since June 21, 2018 he's raised $6000.

“One way or another I’ll figure it out someway to raise that money. Keep riding or keep working at it,” said Covington. “Yeah, I would say this is a father son adventure for me.”

Rex will head north from San Diego up the coast, visiting cities along the way, spreading his son’s ashes and hoping to raise the $90,000. If you'd like to help his reach his goal, go to

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