Woman dies after foul ball hits her during Dodgers-Padres game: report

LOS ANGELES – A longtime baseball fan died days after a San Diego Padres batter’s foul ball hit her in the head at Los Angeles Dodgers stadium in August, ESPN reported Monday.

Los Angeles County Coroner’s report revealed 79-year-old Linda Goldbloom died on August 29 of a brain hemorrhage due to blunt force trauma, according to ESPN’s Outside the Lines. She was injured when a baseball struck her in the head during the August 25 game.

Goldbloom’s daughter Jana Brody told OTL an emergency medical team took her to Los Angeles County-USC Medical Center where she had emergency brain surgery. She was unresponsive for days and died in the hospital surrounded by family, OTL reported.

Neither MLB team had acknowledged the death until months later when OTL requested public comment.

The Dodgers released a statement, “Mr. and Mrs. Goldbloom were great Dodgers fans who regularly attended games. We were deeply saddened by this tragic accident and the passing of Mrs. Goldman. The matter has been resolved between the Dodgers and the Goldbloom family. We cannot comment further on this matter.”

Her death comes during the year when MLB teams added protective netting from behind home plate to the ends of dugouts as a safeguard for fans sitting in sections closest to the batters. Goldbloom’s seat was in Section 106, Row C, Seat 5 – an area above the netting, OTL reported.

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