San Diego company launches non-alcoholic, cannabis-infused beer

High Style Brewing, a San Diego-based company has launched an alcohol-free, cannabis-infused beer (High Style Brewing Co.)

SAN DIEGO — A San Diego-based company has launched an alcohol-free beer that is infused with cannabis.

High Style Brewing created ‘Pale Haze.’ The medium hopper was inspired by using Cascade and Amarillo hops. It also includes note of citrus, floral, pine and honey.

The beer made its debut at ‘March and Ash’ on New Year’s Eve and is now available at Mankind Cooperative in Miramar.

‘Pale Haze’ comes in a 12 oz. amber bottle that contains 10mg THC. There are about 50 calories in each bottle.

High Style Brewing wants to “become the staple social beverage for those who desire an active, health and hangover-free lifestyle,” according to the company’s vision statement.

They aspire to have new flavors and be available to consumers in all recreational states within the next three years.

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