Post-Christmas travelers crowd roads, airport

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SAN DIEGO -- Highways and airport terminals were bustling Wednesday as holiday travelers began making their way home.

At San Diego International Airport, the travelers came in waves. At times there were long lines at airline ticket counters and the TSA security checkpoints. At other times, the lines were short.

Many travelers told FOX 5 that they expected crowds the day after Christmas, so they came early for their flights and tried to be patient. Meghan and Luis Moran showed up two hours early for their flight back to the Bay Area.

"We knew it was going to be crowded, but wd came down with a happy attitude and said we're just goinG to deal with the lines – see what the San Diego Airport throws at us," another traveler explained.

Despite the federal government shutdown forced by President Donald Trump's insistence on funding for the border wall, Transportation Security Administration agents were working Wednesday without pay, and the Federal Aviation Administration said that the air traffic control system in Southern California was fully operational.

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