InCahoots country bar set to close in Mission Valley

SAN DIEGO --  Customers of 'InCahoots' in Mission Valley are fighting to keep the popular country music bar and restaurant open.

'InChatoots' is scheduled to close its doors on New Year's Eve.

The bar is known in the community as a healing place for survivors of the Las Vegas massacre.

“I can speak for the entire community when I say that we are just absolutely devastated and heartbroken,” Shiva Ghaed said. “My understanding is the land was sold and the lease was not extended."

'InCahoots' General Manager Gary Martin released to following statement to FOX 5:

"We're thankful for the 26 years we've had and looking forward to finding a new location to call home. It's a sad time for all of our amazing employees and incredible customers."

Ghaed said nothing can replace the memories made at the saloon. She told FOX 5 she stepped through the front doors about seven years ago -- when she was feeling alone -- but that all quickly changed. Ghaed said she met some of her closest friends at the country music hall and has witnessed beautiful moments.

“Hundreds of hundreds of people meet the loves of their life here and make life long friends,” said Ghaed.

The loyal customer added the venue is also a place where people come to heal and recover.

“This is the place where people came when they got divorced. When they found out they got cancer,” said Ghaed.

Little did she know, she would be leaning on her second family more than ever before after the night of October 1, 2017 when a gunman opened fire from the Mandalay Bay hotel in Las Vegas and killed 58 people attending the Route 91 Harvest Music Festival. Ghaed is a survivor.

“This is a place when I have a rough day. This is my therapy,” Ghaed said.

Every Monday, the entire year after the shooting, survivors met at InCahoots to grieve and talk through things.

Hundreds of people are asking the new owners to "Keep InCahoots Alive!" So far, more than 2,000 people have signed it.

The future of the building remains uncertain.


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