Man accused of pushing man into moving truck charged with attempted murder

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LOS ANGELES - Prosecutors filed attempted murder, assault and theft charges Friday against a homeless man they say pushed another man in front of an oncoming truck , and also attacked two women, in three separate and seemingly random attacks in downtown Los Angeles this week.

Garrett Joseph Boldlt, 31, pleaded not guilty to the charges of attempted premeditated murder, three counts of assault by means likely to produce bodily injury and one count of petty theft, the Los Angeles County District Attorney's Office said in a written statement.

A surveillance camera was rolling when he suddenly pushed another man in front of a truck on Wednesday at West 6th Street near South Broadway, officials said. The victim ended up pinned beneath the truck and was critically injured, KTLA reported.

The attacker can be seen stopping to pick up an item from the sidewalk before casually strolling away. Investigators determined the item was a bracelet the victim had been carrying, but dropped when he was shoved into the street, according to the District Attorney's Office.

Investigators have since learned that Boldt was responsible for two other random attacks targeting women in the same area, prosecutors said.

He tackled a woman to the ground for no apparent reason at 7th and Hill streets on Tuesday, officials said.

And prosecutors allege Boldt punched another woman on Wednesday afternoon at 1st and Hill Streets , shortly after pushing the man in front of the truck.

Police found and arrested Boldt just after the final assault, authorities said.

"The attacks appeared to be random and unprovoked," according to the District Attorney's Office statement.

Boldt could face a sentence of life imprisonment if convicted as charged.

Prosecutors requested Boldt's bail be set at $1.09 million during an arraignment hearing, scheduled for Friday afternoon in Los Angeles County Superior Court.

He's due back in court for a hearing on Dec. 20.

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