Woman describes alleged attack during rape trial of Yuma cop

SAN DIEGO – The jury in the trial of a former Arizona cop accused of raping a San Diego woman saw video Tuesday from a police body camera taken while the alleged victim was describing the attack.

Jared Elkins, 34, a former Yuma police officer is accused of raping his wife’s cousin, inside her Kensington home.  Elkins’ wife has since divorced him.

The judge ordered FOX 5 to hide the victim’s identity. She is being referred to only as Samantha. On the body camera video shown in court on Tuesday, she tells investigators that Elkins threatened to kill her. “I heard him distinctly say, ‘I could kill you.  I could kill everyone,’”Samantha says on the tape.

Elkins is charged with nine felonies, including forcible rape and rape on an intoxicate person.  The alleged attacked happened on Sept. 15, 2017, after Elkins, his wife, the victim and her mother had all gone out to dinner, watched a movie at home and consumed alcohol.  After everyone went to bed, the victim said that Elkins came into her bedroom.

“I should have screamed!,” Samantha said on the body camera tape. “I pretended to be asleep.”

The details of the attack are upsetting.  Samantha, testified she pretended to be asleep during the attack and then woke her mother when Elkins left. The two women then climbed out of a bedroom window to call 911.

Elkins could be sentenced 16 years in prison if he’s found guilty of all charges.

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