Keep an eye on the sky for another SpaceX launch this week

A SpaceX rocket launch lights up the sky above San Diego.
(Photo: Zak Bartleet / FOX 5)

SAN DIEGO — SpaceX fans looking forward to Sunday evening’s rocket launch will be disappointed to learn it has been postponed until at least Monday — but there is still hope of spotting a show in the sky above San Diego soon.

The launch, part of the company’s Spaceflight SSO-A: SmallSatExpress mission, is planned to launch a reusable Falcon 9 booster to carry satellites into space. The launch is now postponed until at least Dec. 3 for “additional inspections.” It is the third time the launch has been postponed, according to

The new launch is scheduled for Monday morning around 10:30 a.m., though that could change once again.

Previous launches at Vandenberg Air Force Base — where the Falcon 9 is due to eventually take flight — provided a brilliant sight in the sky above San Diego.

Earlier, the company posted photos of the rocket rolling out to the launch pad with a hopeful message about Sunday’s cancelled launch:

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