San Diegan recalls driving in George H.W. Bush’s motorcade

SAN DIEGO -- In light of the former president's passing on Friday, a local man shared his story of driving in George H.W. Bush's motorcade when he visited San Diego.

Michael Pallamary was an active politician during the time Bush was president. He says he drove three times with Bush.

"The president was in the lead vehicle, there was a secret service vehicle and then I was in that next vehicle, and I drove all of the dignitaries who came with the president," Pallamary told FOX 5.

The passing of Bush struck a cord with Pallamary, as it did with so many others across the country, he said.

He believes Bush set a great standard for those who followed him: "I just simply admired him. He was a great man with great character, regardless of politics. He embodied the standard of a president and individual."