Brush fire sparked by landscaping crew

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CHULA VISTA, Calif. -- A brush fire sparked in the Eastlake area Tuesday morning, officials said.

The brush fire blackened several dozen acres and briefly threatened homes before ground and air crews were able to subdue the flames.

The fire was caused  by brush-clearing equipment spread over swaths of hilly open land southeast of Sweetwater Reservoir, officials confirmed.

The  blaze erupted off the 400 block of Agua Vista Drive in Chula Vista about 9 a.m., according to Cal Fire.

The flames spread toward homes, including some under construction, for a short time, until firefighters were able to extinguish those flanks of the blaze, said Issac Sanchez, a fire captain for the state agency.

The personnel had the spread of the fire fully halted at an estimated 44 acres within 90 minutes. No structural damage was reported.

Investigators determined that the blaze was accidentally ignited by a power trimmer that someone was using to remove dry vegetation, Sanchez said.

“The investigators at scene from the city were able to determine that this was a result of defensible space clearance activities. A company was back there doing the responsible thing, trying to get defensible space clearance in for the homes that they’re responsible for but inadvertently started a fire,” said Sanchez.

No injuries were reported.

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