People who cross border regularly react to shutdown

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SAN YSIDRO, Calif. -- Things were back to business as usual at the San Ysidro Port of Entry Monday after hundreds of migrants surging toward the border prompted a total shutdown of the port over the weekend. But people who cross over daily are worried about what another closure like Sunday's will mean for them.

"I think they’re going to continue with closing everything even more times," said Sofia Rodriguez.

Another woman described the shutdown as "scary" for her friends and family who rely on crossing at the border to work and attend school.

More than 100,000 people rely on passing through at San Ysidro daily.

"I literally cross every day so it’s a big problem for me if there's a closure. I could lose my job," said Sergio Campos.

Campos was planning on going to work at the Las Americas Premium Outlets Sunday shortly before the closure at the border began.

"I was going to come to work, but I saw the news and I didn’t want to come because of all the conflict," said Campos.

The entire mall ended up evacuating and closing in addition to the port of entry for safety and security reasons. It was a disruption in Campos’ everyday “normal."

"I’m just a teenager. I don’t want any problems. I just want to work and study safely," he said.

Others just like him shared the fear of future disruptions if a similar threat were to happen again.

People say despite Sunday’s shutdown, things are moving quickly at the pedestrian crossings. People crossing by vehicle are still experiencing longer wait times due to limited lanes.

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