2 officers hurt after medical call turns into brawl

Two officers were injured during a violent confrontation with a man in Paradise Hills Sunday.

SAN DIEGO — Two officers were hurt, one seriously, when officers responded to a man having a medical episode in Paradise Hills and his behavior turned violent.

Police got the call from concerned family members around 3 p.m. The caller told dispatchers the man was having a “mental illness episode,” San Diego Police Lt. Christian Sharp said.

When officers arrived and started talking to the man, he became violent. A fight broke out that lasted “at least three or four minutes,” according to Sharp.

Officers tried to use a taser on the man but it was ineffective until they fired the stun gun at him a second time. Police finally wrestled the man into custody and he was seen being wheeled out of the house on a stretcher with a spit hood over his head. The man was taken to a hospital for a check-up — though police said he did not appear injured — before being taken to county jail to be booked for allegedly assaulting the officers.

During the fight, two officers were injured. One suffered a “major head wound” while the other injured their hand, according to Sharp.