Homes, cars egged in Santee

SANTEE, Calif. -- A number of people in a couple East County neighborhoods are frustrated after their cars and property were egged over the weekend.

Nancy McDaniel said around 9:45 Friday night she found egg splattered on her SUV and driveway on Hillcreek Road.

“Come on! You have nothing better to do?” McDaniel said. “I caught it in five minutes. If it had gone overnight who knows if it would have damaged my paint or not."

McDaniels neighbors also discovered the broken eggs in front of their house.

“We came out Sunday morning and noticed my daughter was heading off to work and there were egg shells and a little bit of egg splatter behind the cars,” Stephen Pacheco said.

People along Woodrose Avenue and Beck Drive woke up to find the same thing.

“The truck and car had been egged and dripped down,” Jack Purcell said.

These homeowners did not find the prank funny.

“We used to toilet paper when we were kids and we did stuff like that, but we never damaged somebody’s property and that’s where I get angry,” McDaniel said. “It’s vandalism and it’s costly. What if it ruined my paint job? What if somebody couldn’t afford to get whatever fixed, fixed? It’s not fair."

McDaniel said she informed the San Diego County Sheriff's Department about the egging.

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