Furniture store helps Navy family dealing with cancer

SAN DIEGO – A local furniture store came through big time for a local Navy family that is dealing with cancer.

“You hear so much bad stuff going on in the world and so many bad people, and then this happens and you realize there’s so many good people in this world who would help strangers,” Julie Chadek said.

Chadek has stage 4 colorectal cancer, and when most people would curl up and cry, she has continued to stand up and fight. But it hasn’t been easy.
“It’s very scary. I don’t think you’re ever prepared to have a doctor tell you have the C word – cancer,” Chadek said. “Nobody wants to hear that. You just can’t prepare yourself for that.”

“It’s been hard seeing her in all of her struggles and being kind of helpless and sitting there watching her suffering,” said Garrett Chadek, Julie’s husband of 9 years. “But she’s been inspirational in her no-quitting attitude.”Julie is a 17-year veteran in the Navy. The couple has two young children. Following her diagnosis in 2017 and rounds of radiation and chemotherapy, she was again hospitalized in July with severe back pain.

“We just thought it was being laid up in a hospital bed. Then we found out last week from a CT scan that it had spread to my spine, so that’s where a lot of the pain is coming from,” Julie said.

The USO heard about the couples’ struggle and wanted to help get them a hospital-grade bed so Julie could be home with her family while she continues to fight the cancer.

“It would be nice for her to be comfortable and get a little bit of enjoyment out of life because of the relief, hopefully this bed will provide her” Garrett said.
The bed was donated by Jerome’s Furniture and was dropped off Monday morning. It sells for about $11,000, but for the Chadeks, you can’t put a price on the gift.

“In the past few months, it’s been a lot of people we don’t know -- friends, family friends of friends have reached out and helped us. I just can’t even put into words to describe the feeling that comes when people do what they do for people in need out of the kindness of their hearts. It’s pretty great,” Garrett said.

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