San Diego boys take Tranformer costumes to next level – they actually transform

SAN DIEGO – Kids costumes don’t get much better than this!

Watch as these two brothers, Gavin and Greyson, from East County show off their costumes. These Transformers-inspired costumes are next level.

Erica Hufft and her “wonderful husband” came across a YouTube video of Transformer costumes and went to work on creating them for their 7 and 3-year-old sons.

The costumes were made with glue poster board, paint, air filters, battery-operated lights and a lot of love. It took Hufft three weeks to build both costumes.

“Prime was easy. Bumblebee was a different story,” Hufft told FOX 5. “I had to cut individual pieces and basically build it by just eyeballing what the car looked like (my 3-year-old is always in time-out lol).”

Hufft took the boys to their dad’s work at Jimmie Johnson’s Chevrolet in Kearny Mesa to transform.

“The boys felt on top of the world!” the proud mom said, while also admitting that she’ll never make another costume.

We hope that’s no the case!

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