Man attacked by armed thieves inside Mission Valley home

SAN DIEGO -- A Mission Valley man is warning others after he said he came home to two intruders who were armed with a baseball bat and gun.

The crime happened Friday night at a condo off Camino De La Reina. The victim, who asked just to be identified as Bob, said what happened to him is hard to talk about.

“I literally looked death in the eye and managed to survive,” he said.

Bob said he walked into his home after 9 p.m. when he was met by someone and something unexpected.

“The second I stepped in -- I’m assuming I had my head down -- and then was immediately struck in the forehead,” Bob said.

He was hit in the head with a baseball bat.

“Because I didn’t fall down I was immediately struck a second time,” he said.

Bob told FOX 5 he managed to tackle the intruder and get the bat out of his hands.

“He immediately started yelling, 'Shoot him, shoot him.' So at that point I was just cringing, waiting for a gun shot to go off and I turned around to see the barrel of a pistol,” the victim said.

The father said he begged for his life.

“I could see the individual lunging with his finger like he was tempted to pull the trigger, but for whatever reason -- angels on my side -- and the gun didn’t go off,” he said.

Seconds later, he saw his opportunity to run and call for help. In that time he said the intruders got away with a bag full of his roommate's things, including a wedding band, watches, electronics and collectable coins.

“It’s surreal and it gives me a new perspective in life,” Bob said.

Now looking at his broken blinds and newly installed security cameras, Bob said he has a new appreciation for life and renewed motivation to help others, and he hopes the two men who have him sharing this story gets the help they need.

“There’s a sense of compassion that I have to say make a change in your life and come to the realization that you almost killed somebody for some petty items,” Bob said.

Bob said because it was so dark he did not get a good look at either of the suspects.

The San Diego Police Department is investigating and is asking anyone with information to call Crime Stoppers.

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